Merchandise and non-fungible tokens

I was wondering if Garuda would release any merchandise such as hoodies, long-sleeves, etc? I would really like a thick long sleeve with the Garuda logo on the back; premium cotton of course. I know some people like cups, not me though.

Also on the same note, is it possible to mint the non-fungible token (NFT) of the first Garuda build, and sell it on auction? You could earn a cut every time the NFT was sold, a good source of income for the project.

Just putting these ideas out there. I am not sure if I would even try to buy the NFT, but the long-sleeve for sure :smiley:

Nope, not interested in NFT.

Not in foreseeable future.


@Naman, what would you think about branding irons with an Eagle-shaped brand? I'd bet @SGS or @TilliDie could design even better ones.

Or even a stylized 'G'?


You know--for us kinky folks.
:wink: :scream:


Well i didn't knew you were masochist.


Who said masochist? Muahahahaha!


This would be awesome to have for the annoying refugees from Ubuntu and Windows who insist on mentioning the name of their past OS many times in the same thread. A good branding (or two) would hopefully break them of this infuriating habit. :scream: :rofl:


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