Menu Customization

So, I did some searching and found nothing helpful, but it's perharps because I don't know the terminology.

Anyway, if anyone can help me, I'd really like to add one more entry in my menu list (like preferences, games, sound & video, internet... I want to add a "favorite" entry to save up my time). I know how to do this in Cinnamon, but LXQT is giving me a bad time figuring out where/how I can do such a simple thing.

Thanks for the help in advance.

In DDG "add entry in lxqt menu list"

Maybe this help.


Well okay, guess I've been misled by ecosia for the first time, I'm trying the app Alacarte now and...
Yep, it looks like the cinnamon menu, it edits the thing but the results do not show up on the actual menu?

Tried to reboot, still nothing, any suggestions? o.o

Did you read some manual about LXQt?

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Nothing on the official webpage, nothing on the wiki, or in any release note, or in their discussion session... they probably just don't care about it.
Let's hope someone who's already been through this shows up to help I guess.

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Aha! It's a workaround, but it did what I wanted.

I installed the cinnamon DE and from there I could add a menu entry. At first it looked like it didn't work because it appears not as the name I gave it, but as "others" when i switched to lxqt.

Still, I can't hide stuff from the menu or anything else, and I haven't tried to add a second custom entry (I guess it would just mash the two of them together), but I don't really need it now. By any means if anyone knows how to do it in a proper way, it would be nice to know =3

And thanks @SGS for your tips and answers.

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