Member of Garuda linux

Hi , i am Padmanabh i want to be part of garuda linux team. i want to devolop it but i am new in this so i need help of any one who can tell about it

Checkout our gitlab

And then see if there is anything you can improve

Then make a merge request.

If you want to help maintaining iso then
Check out garuda-tools and create iso there are plenty of information as to how to use it in forum/gitlab.

When you do make iso showcase it on forum.


can sent iso to me because i am using very old laptop i cant install it

how to show case to form?

can you give info about how to use it in forum/gitlab


Recommended requirements

  • 40 GB storage space
  • 8 GB RAM
  • video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better

Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware.

Sorry we cant teach you.

Please stop chat posting style.


what are you talking about. i cant understand




so what can i do?

Seems you can do nothing for Garuda.
So I close this thread.