Mediathekview problem

Since the latest Iso of Garuda the program Mediathekview don't work, when I tried to start the program in konsole I get this error: "/usr/bin/mediathekview: line 5: java: command don't exist". How can I fix this?

I tried the program in Reborn Linux KDE and it work there.

Looks like a Java problem.
I see It should have as dependency
java-runtime>=15 (jre-openjdk)
Maybe you could check if you have it.


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No, but I have these: "java-enviroment-common version 3-3, java-openjdk-ea-bin version 17b16-1, java-openjfx version 16.u8-1" all of these together with Mediathekview got installed with octopi. I tried before that to install with bau but then no java files got installed.

Tanks arco

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i can´t help u to fix but u can use the app image that works for me . if u want too u can find there
with the installed version i had too problems .
it has work long time at me but last when i started i have also problems . i think medithekview need an update .
This is what i get in terminal :

Fehler: Beim Laden der Klasse mediathek.Main ist ein LinkageError aufgetreten
java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: mediathek/Main (class file version 59.65535) was compiled with
preview features that are unsupported. This version of the Java Runtime only recognizes preview features for
class file version 60.65535 

Ok smoky which of them on that site is a app image? Maybe a stupid question. :sunglasses:

under download -- LInux .. its stand there Linux Standalone (appimage) if u klick there it will download it .. or use this directlink

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sorry maybe I have done something wrong, i got this error:"execvp: No such file or directory"

sorry i don´t no ...maybee u need appimagelauncher

sudo pacman -S appimagelauncher

i don´t no if appimagelauncher ist installed by default on all editions im on ultimate


Thank you smoky, that solved my problem, once again thank you for your help. :grinning:


Btw, I think that you should bring this to notice of the developers, so that they can solve the issue for all, I guess it might be a universal issue for all Arch users.


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