Master Edition Of Garuda linux

I have been using Garuda Linux for a few days. This is a great OS. Which has a very different type of OS distribution. Such as gaming, multimedia etc. It should have a master version with all the distribution features of Garuda available in that single master version.

Why? Why would we want a bigger download ? Aren't we able to make choices and/or just download multiple ISOs on the rare case that someone wants it all ?

I second dbarron, the ISOs are insanely large as it is.

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u can also use ventoy and put all Iso files on stick .. so have all isos u want on stick and at boot u can choose what DE u want to install .

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I wouldnt call 2GB for an iso with huge compatability "insanely large" but you are kind of right :joy:
Ventoy is a great option for trying every iso now that it works with Garuda :slight_smile:

Some users are just a working user and some users want to experience all tasks simultaneously. There is no single purpose for engineering students. It all works on the same OS
Such as - gaming, coding multimedia, editing, browser, office work, OS experience and everything

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Everything has a single version of Linux such as Kali and Ubuntu. This feature of Garuda is also good user wise OS. But some users do all the work, there should also be a master version for their level. For other users who do one thing, Garuda Linux's other single working OS.

Like archlabs one installler

No problem, do it.


Garuda Linux: Bloat edition

De: O :b:enbox

come with almost every package and customization

iso size 64gb :rofl:

This reply is a joke BTW

Umm if they tried to put everything together with all the desktop requirements, you may have hit the nail on the gigabyte. But yes, umm it should contain the arch repository and the full AUR, right ?

It was a joke

So was mine...oh, but we could throw in an offline copy of Wikipedia too?

I thiink you mean the arch wiki also acording to wikipedia As of December 2020, the size of the current version of allwikipedia articles compressed is about 18.9 GB

Who needs an offline copy of wikipedia when you can have an offline copy of wayback machine? :joy: :joy:


good idea how do i save one though?

And they can - they can install as much software as they want on their system.

However, the purpose of a Linux distribution is to distribute Linux and a set of software. Different distributions focus on different things.

It is not a goal of Garuda to provide a one-size-fits-all, all-in-one distribution, therefore this will not be implemented.

You are, of course, free to create your own distribution that includes by default all the software you personally want.