Many features not working

I am using garuda with windows 10 on dualboot. First i had installed kde edition. In it was also many features were not working. Then i installed gnome edition here was also same situation. In kde edition add/ remove software was not working bt i fixed it with you forum bt then setting app was not opening. And on home there was only wallpaper nothing was there. Too many problems. I feel if i install another version then this all will be fixed the i installed gnome edition there was same situation add/ software not working,no wifi driver in both editions.

The way to resolve issues like that isn't to keep reinstalling different versions. It is to identify them one at a time and fix them.

To help you, we would need you to pick an edition and stick with it. Then provide us the information needed to actually help resolve your issue like the output of inxi -Fza and a list of the specific problems.


It seems the live ISOs aren't up to date yet (I tried GNOME ISO yesterday but it had the same "Add/Remove Software" problem). But it has already been fixed, just needs to update. You may try updating from within the live system and then check. Also, if an app is not opened, try opening from terminal command may give some information.

By "home" I think you mean "desktop screen" ("home" is a folder and "Desktop" stays within it). Unlike Windows, desktop looks clean without getting messed with icons by default. If you want icons you can enable it, it's not a bug but a feature.