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I've search the wiki, but I am wondering is there a way to manually install Garuda? I am wanting to install it on another btrfs subvolume, in which this is how I am installing multiple distros. I am wanting to try Garuda and see if it works better for gaming than a xubuntu install I had for gaming purpose.

I hope there is a recommended way to manually install

Hey there!
We don't support manual installations as our build tools are needed to get some things working. If you want to install things manually you might as well install plain Arch on BTRFS and add Chaotic-AUR + our applications afterwards :wink: our goal is to make things accessible, which a manual installation is not part of :slight_smile:


I have a similar setup, this is how I do it:

  • If there is a @ subvolume or other subvolumes that can be used like @home, @cache, move them aside.
  • Set the default subvolume as / (subvolume id=5)
  • Install distro as normal, select the BTRFS partition without formatting
  • Put your custom bootloader to 1st place in UEFI boot order
  • Boot to an already working distro or LiveUSB (not previously installed distro)
  • Move the subvolumes created by installed distro to somewhere else
  • Modify the /etc/fstab of the new distro
  • Chroot in the new distro, reinstall GRUB and regenerate grub.cfg
  • Manually create a boot entry on your custom bootloader which will directly boot the kernel of the new distro (if possible) and another to boot the GRUB of the distro.
  • Set up snapper
  • Perform all of the necessary steps for again for the distro which used the @ subvolume at the beginning.

This sounds complicated but will work for most distros including Garuda. (I know it will work because I tested it :wink:)


What do you mean by move the subvolumes aside?
Edit: Nevermind I think I got it :slight_smile:

@mrvictory that is very interesting! What is the benefit of this type of installation? Is this an alternative to creating separate partitions? You piqued my curiosity!

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Exactly. And you can also deduplicate the distros and gain even more space, though the last time I tried deduplication I borked stuff :grin:


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