Major maintenance of web services 🔧

Hey guys!
We are currently performing a major maintenance of our web services. You can track the status at our statuspage :slight_smile:


An update: all services are back online and no major issues happened during the transition. :partying_face:

Fosshost is moving their resources that are currently residing in Dallas to a new datacenter to diversify their geographical presence. As three of our VMs were in fact affected by this, we had to setup our new VMs and transfer our data to the new location. Today, we completed the move of all web services while the move of our build VM will happen tomorrow. However, there will be no additional downtime since our builder is not serving any content to the public.

A little fun ;)


A last update on this matter: the transition of our main Chaotic-AUR node has also been completed successfully! :cowboy_hat_face: