Machine learning enthusiasts

Wassup, Who all are interested in deep learning and machine learning. LMK
Need some accomplices

When you say accomplices, do you mean that you have a specific use case in mind, and are looking for assistance implementing?

Or do you mean like-minded enthusiasts with ideas of their own, with whom you could bounce ideas back-and-forth while learning a new skill-set?
And hopefully warn one another about pitfalls that we've stumbled into, as we tumble down to a premature SIGTERM, our screams echoing the vital 'grep' output piped from crash logs...
A gruesome fate, that is nonetheless preferable to shamefully failing to catch a single fault to help trace threads killed by SIGABRT using reproducible steps---leaving no clues to warn others nor how to find their mangled remains.


The later,, I recently started learning machine learning with tensorflow and python. The hardest part till now is pre processing data :rofl:

By any chance would you happen to have a telegram ,discord

DUde! check this out

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