MacBook Pro Mid 2015

Hi all,

Has anyone had any luck installing Garuda on a Mid 2015 MacBook Pro? Is everything working?

A good starting point is the forum search.
Searching by "macbookpro 2015" there are only 3 topics:
Removing 2015 there is much more material to read.
In the single topics you can check the details of the models, to see if it matches with yours.
You can also use Advanced filters -> Where topics: are solved
Additionally, you can use the Arch wiki. This is only an example (check if your model has an article):,x


Also you can Boot to a LIVE (Garuda Installation) iso and you can be more confident of what is working properly, or not.

Good Luck


It has been a little while, but I did and yes, everything worked for me. :+1:


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