Lutris disabling desktop animations, cannot renable

Hello. When I installed garuda I loved the colors (transparent bar and theme) and the animations when moving windows. One day they went away, and the only way to reenable them was with
cp -rf /etc/skel/. ~/ (which is annoying as I made custom docks)
Then today it got disabled again, immediately after opening a game with lutris. I don't have "disable desktop effects" enabled in lutris, so I don't know what is happening.

Sounds like some game related config is disabling your compositor. Simply re-enable your compositor the next time this happens.

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I reenabled it, nothing happens. I don't need to reboot, do I? (with qdbus org.kde.KWin /Compositor resume)

Gamemode does this as well, might want to check if its installed

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Gamemode is not installed according to pamac, what is it?

Not at my computer currently, but if I recall correctly a logout/login may be required.

A daemon which optimizes the system for gaming automatically, Lutris has a setting to use this if installed :slight_smile: GitHub - FeralInteractive/gamemode: Optimise Linux system performance on demand

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Oh cool, it doesn't seem to be installed though. The game I'm running is Minecraft through MultiMC if that makes any difference.

Just tried relogging, and animations are working again. Thank you. Now how do I fix this from happening again?

Well, Minecraft does this automatically (I think). At least it would do this for me everytime I pressed F11 :sweat_smile:

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Well it's to improve your gaming performance. I'm not a gamer, so...

Yes, you were right. I just checked, the compositor is disabled right as minecraft java opens. But it doesn't reenable, even after relogging, unless I run the compositor enable command.

That is strange, now the compositor works when I get out of fullscreen or close minecraft (did not do this earlier today)

I guess it might be buggy when it comes to reenabling compositor, I'm going to look into a way to disable this "feature".

I had minecraft crash a few times. Maybe during one of these times it was a hard crash, so it didn't reenable the compositor?

Can't find an option anywhere about compositor or disable effects or anything like that.

There is a Compositor setting (checkbox) to Allow applications to block composition.