hello! I am new. Installed Garuda with LUKS encryption from the installer
i am wondering, is there an easy way to convert my root to RAID1 ?
I have two disks. But only one partition on each could be for Garuda, as I need Win10 Dual boot
I would love to kinda convert my current one encrypted partition to two LUKS encrypted partitions which after entering the pw in grub will both be used as RAID1
without the LUKS encryption and mounting, i think i could do it myself. But if I now just issue the btrfs command here, the other newly added partition won't be LUKS encrypted....

Sort answer: no.


And the long answer?
I'm not afraid of cli, if I get some pointers, like where the keys of currently used encrypted partition lie, so that I can encrypt both with the same key, and how I can have them both be auto mounted at boot.
Thank you