LTS or Rolling?

Should a rolling release repo be used with a Long Term Stable kernel? I see this combo breaking. In all my exp. w/ linux. Mixing Stable with rolling release is only destined for breakage. You are adding packages expecting a kernel that is up to date. LTS literally is old, stable... yes. But old. This also will cause issues with firmware for un skilled linux users, which will inherently cause them issues. This will cause issues for new users that are unaware of and how to use dkms kernel mods. And the Arch wiki is not n00b friendly. As an exp. linux user. I personally think this is a bad idea. Specially since garuda offers an moded kernel from the tkg devs. My bio lists the kernels i have installed and suggest trying what i have installed. But keeping the LTS kernel as a backup. That's just my thoughts. I stand behind my statment of not mixing Stable with Rolling release.

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The LTS kernels are supported for a longer term than the non-LTS kernels by the kernel developers. They are still updated regularly (weekly or thereabouts).


Just for curiosity: the latest AMDGPU regression from 5.12 has been back-ported to the LTS kernel. For about a week I had to use downgraded LTS kernel. It happened to me for the 1st time since I switched to Arch.


Which is this?


I'm not sure at the moment. Possibly this one:

Thankfully it's been fixed in both 5.12 and LTS.


I've used this combo for years on Arch based distro's with older hardware. No issues that I can remember caused by this combination. You obviously must be trouble prone.

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Lts doesn't mean that there is no support for newer features, it just means that they will probably be backported. Long time support, dude.


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