Low battery sound signal does not work in KDE

My laptop shut down in the middle of a project because the sound signal failed to warn me on low battery.

In power settings > Advanced power settings I enabled play a sound, then, I chose a sound (alarm clock sound) but the system failed me - at 10% low battery, the sound didn't get activated. So I didn't notice that my battery was drained and kept on working until the laptop shut down losing lots of unsaved work.

Please, make a bug report to KDE.


We cannot know the exact reason it failed, so we can't fix it.
Check your journal logs to find the part that this should happen and relevant logs and post it. We may get something, but in any case, if this is a bug, as you describe it, you should post to KDE bugs.


Do you have system sounds disabled in your audio properties config?

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I have found a good low battery warning script here.

System sound in pulse audio 100%

Look for "Notification sounds".

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Notification sound 100%

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It would be worth noting, that unless the particular sound file exists, exactly this will occur.

Just because you chose the default Oxygen sound, does not mean it exists unless you install the Plasma Oxygen pkg. Plasma normally does not include it.


You have to confirm we are talking about the same thing (setting in Plasma).
Have you tested the sound and is producing sound (before it is needed from low battery situation)?

Any script will use the existing same utilities from your OS, so it is not about "how you do it" but if the utilities work, or they have a bug (this is what we are looking for).

Plasma Notification Settings have a nice GUI and plenty of options to choose from, depending on your needs. If they don't do what they are designed to, we have to try to find the bug and report upstream (KDE Bugs) so they can fix it.


I have chosen the alarm-clock sound. I tested it before and works fine. All the sounds in the /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo directory work fine.
When I press the arrow in kde settings, near the chosen file, I hear the sound. Now, I have chosen another sound file. My battery right now is at 28%, I wait till it drains to 10% because the sound suppose to kick in at 10%. I am curious.

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I waited till the battery drain to 1o% and this time sound alert worked. Could it be because I rebooted the machine? I do not know. So, it seems everything is ok now.


#1 Troubleshooting Tip - It solves more problems more often than anything else.

Good for you!


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