Logitech software

Hello, how do I manage the backlight of my Logitech G512 keyboard?? I am new to linux and the logithec software does not work
tanks you

Hi there, welcome.

What software exactly are you using?
Also, please, provide the garuda-inxi (or inxi -Faz if your system was not updated recently) as requested in the template.


I use this program under window for Garuda I do not it be if you can find an alternative for managed cu keyboard color fix ect

tanks you

how to provide the garûta-inxi (gold inxi -faz I I start on Linux it's my premir bone

Try solaar it's in the AUR.


How to install this program under garuda ?


Let me give you a hint because I answered this question (how to install from the AUR, not in general) a few days ago:
Anyway, please take some time to search and familiarize on how to install in an arch-based system.

As regards the package you need, if the one suggested above should not work, you can also try g810-led-git, again in the AUR.


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