Login loop issue from unwanted DE modification issue after Vgrive installation

French user here.

i've been using garuda-xfce on my laptop for weeks.
After having rebooted it following the Vgrive installation process, i find myself in front of a different DE/login screen. And when i enter my password, the whole DE flip to a new DE/login screen. And so on, and so one.

I've already uninstall Vgrive in fail-safe mode through pacman but i still have the DE/login loop occuring.

i've tryied to go back to a former snapshot but le starting process ends by a froozen laptop with an incomplete loading line.

any ideas ?

edit :
I haven't set up my /home on a separated partition on this device... So i'm looking for a soft solution that doesn't involve a basic reinstallation to spare me the hours of backing up my datas ..... again :slight_smile:

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Try this:
And keep far from that package.
In the GitHub site, the last commit was from 3 years ago!


hey thx !
i try that tip right now
keep you informed

Operation did not work
Had to reinstall a fresh one :-\

Please offer you garuda-inxi,
and you can restore last working snapshot, it does not touch your /home folder.


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