Login failure using the correct password. Bug report?

Hello. Newbie here.

Recently I attempted to login using the correct password. I had been using the OS for about a week checking it out, added a few things like Libre Office and solitaire. After shutting down to move the laptop and a day or so later, I booted up to the login screen and had successive failures using the same password. I even referred to the paper I had written it down on to be sure. Rebooted and tried a few more times. Shrugged and decided to just reinstall. Hence no requested terminal output. I had logged in and out multiple times before the issue arose with the same password.

I just thought this was worth offering my recent experience, in case it was helpful. Things have been fine since the reinstall. Thanks.

  1. After three failed login attempts with a wrong password you are on a cooldown of 10 minutes iirc (just reboot to get rid of it). You might have just entered the wrong password three times in a row before referring to your notes

  2. Maybe the keyboard layout got messed up. Run localectl before you reboot, and if you can't login again, use the live ISO to chroot into your installation. Once in, run localectl again. If the keyboard layout is not what you expected it to be, maybe it got reset for some reason


There is another possibility:

If you performed a system update and the file /etc/shells.pacnew was created and you merged the content/diff with your /etc/shells file, it may have removed some shell lines, like fish, zsh, rsh, etc.
Then when you reboot and login it won't work.
Reverting the file (by other means of accessing the root /etc folder) will make it possible to login.

This happened to me on 2 machines.

Also you don't need to reinstall, you can reboot from a snapshot and reinstate that snapshot as the main subvolume for next boot. Power of BTRFS.

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Thank you both for your replies. UltraBlack- I didn't realize you could access the terminal from the login screen. FGD- I did rollback 3 or 4 snapshots before I reinstalled, with no positive result. Either way the deed is done, but I get your points. I'm beginning to believe I'm over my head here.

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