Lock screen issue

Hello team garuda, I needed your assistance and help as i have made some mess. So, basically i removed .config and .cache folder from @home. So now, themes are not working as it was before. There are glitches in konsole and other applications and also lock screen don't show default theme, instead it is completely black and don't have any effect.

Reset all your configs in Garuda Assistant. That should do the job.


Or restore your home directory from your backups.

Uhhh... you do keep backups, right?

@TNE Thanks for your help. It did work.

I just why i need to backup when i a using btrfs but unfortunately, @home directory isn't backup in btrfs assistant and i can't find any solution yet of how to do it

I think you answered your own question there?

The reason you need to backup your home directory is precisely because snapshots do not by default do that. Snapshots do not really meet the definition of a backup system, they are intended more as a way to roll back changes to your root system directories.

Backups are the best insurance. Our forum help requests would drop to a pitance if users actually started making full backups. But of course that will never happen, at least until the user's system suffers a catastrophic failure. After a user experiences a "life lesson" by losing irreplaceable data, they tend to alter their perception on the importance of making backups.


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