Load installer into RAM at boot?

Title says it all; Is there any way to load the Garuda Linux installer into RAM from the install media at boot? I recall being able to do this with at least one other Distro. I'll be working on multiple machines, and being able to remove the USB will help me a lot.


Two other options:

  1. Buy more USB drives
  2. Use PXE boot

Also, Garuda isn't intended for mass deployments so you should make sure you have adequate local testing and support mechanisms in place.


I appreciate the input m8, but can you elaborate if you can?

Not my money to spend, and not all of these are networked, otherwise those would have been the first things I did.

Interesting. Whose money is it? :thinking:


Just a thought, but - if we are talking about a business/organisation, then some questions spring up.

  • Is a rolling distro suitable in the proposed role?
  • How many units do you envision installing on?
  • Mission critical, or no?

Etc, etc.


I agree square peg, round hole issue IMO.


You have to build the ISO yourself.
Maybe this is something you can try and provide feedback.


Never said it would be any of those things, lots of assumptions are being made here.

I mean the arch severs run on arch so. It must be stable.

Arch is as stable as the caretaker of the system. In some cases this means the OS will run for a decade, with others they will only manage to keep it running for a week.


Without more information assumptions are all that is possible. :wink:

Something along the lines of [SOLVED] Boot archiso to RAM / Installation / Arch Linux Forums

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It's certainly odd as Garuda's absolutely designed to be what you'd use at home on your personal computer and isn't really tailored for corporate environments, but maybe it's something like a LAN party dealio or someone's trying to test Garuda on a bunch of systems for a YouTube video review. I can only assume they've got their own purpose for this.

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