Live flash booting problem with NVIDIA drivers

What to do, when proprietary drivers NVIDIA aren't working i.e. I click on booting with propriet. drivers(NVIDIA) and it is still booting nothing more?

Use free driver, install later if needed.


It works with free driver, but I want to try it with NVIDIA because I think it might have better graphic and resolution altogether

With garuda-settings - Hardware, I do the same. But last ISO's work for me with Nvidia driver, mh, just Nvidia :frowning:


Thanks, but the problem is, I don't see anywhere option: "auto install proprietary driver" and any of the Nvidias
Maybe because I run it from the beggining screen with free drivers, but another option: booting with NVIDIA drivers doesn't function so I don't know :man_shrugging:

No, I do it this way often.

First try

Use terminal


Then Hardware...

If failed, search in forum to find other ways to install Nvidia.

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Don't see anyway, but thank you
I will look for in forum :slight_smile:



Seems you delete it, and it is pointless for more posts, so I closed.