List of things that i would love

I am fairly new to linux but i got some experience with other distro. Some of the things that I would love in this distro would be:

  1. Having multiple sets of complete custom themes for this distro.(I think sweet theme is not made for this distro only).
  2. There should be some easy option for customizing the widgets and other shortcuts that come along with it rather than going into each widget and doing it manually.
  3. I would love to have option of choosing kde and some other window tiling manager like i3, awesome. Installing the wtm later gave some major problem to me.

Thats it for now . I know most of it is about optimization but i really liked this distro and want to be the part of this wonderful community and want to see this distro going up. I would make other list later .

We like sweet theme (At least me) and there are plenty of theme out there, go and try them. We obviously can't make different theme for everyone.

Ask KDE community.

Not feasible on development part.


Put me down, too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It's all just a matter of time.
Time is money.
BTW, our dream distribution is already ready, now you come and make your own. :slight_smile:

Please send any further wish lists directly to Santa :slight_smile: :wink:

We are happy to see requests for improvements and innovations, but it is not possible to make adjustments for each individual user.

I am so sorry.

List of things that i would love

Peace on earth.

Corona vaccine for all.

More nice helpers in the forum. :smiley:


i am not saying for individual but you know just specially optimized for this distro . Yeah time is money but i really would love to see some optimized themes(multiple) made for this distro because i believe one of the main reason for me to switch into this distro was its pre customization.
Thats all my own thought.....

I just hope this community could grow bigger that it could be made possible. Thats just my personal wish anyway .

there was time when i also made such requests on manjaro forum

and here i have done it myself what i want

you see in linux you can do everything that you want as long as you have the desire to do it
the only one who can fulfil your request is you


And you can just create a pull request at our GitLab if you think your stuff is something what the community can benefit from :slight_smile:


Dear Santa:

Please send more reindeer--our meat supply is running low.

Garuda Forum Helpers.


Can we request gummie bears as well?


Come on Guys cut him some slack we all wanted the same once, then reality hits that you can have all the things you dreamed of but you have to do it yourself, Lol



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