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Really, today Hyprland discord server named it self as Windows fan Club :moyai:
I was also thinking to do a prank too, but… :slightly_smiling_face:


If you use this fantastic rolling-release distribution, you’ll be amazed that around 2000 updates are ready for you today. That’s correct – openSUSE Tumbleweed has rebuilt its whole codebase and every package.

A Linux privilege-escalation proof-of-concept exploit has been published that, according to the bug hunter who developed it, typically works effortlessly on kernel versions between at least 5.14 and 6.6.14.


Same with the Wi-Fi here. I turn it off before I go out and do things. To those that wonder, no I am not paranoid, I have just added this into my security layer at home.

If I did have a router, I would unplug it instead of doing it on my pc all together.
Psa Unplug GIF by GIPHY Cares


That’s the definition of paranoia in my books lol


If you say so. :man_shrugging:


“The Microsoft Copilot application has been deemed by the Office of Cybersecurity to be a risk to users due to the threat of leaking House data to non-House approved cloud services,” the House’s Chief Administrative Officer Catherine Szpindor said."

Big deal. They’re still using TikTok, X (the artist formerly known as), and other cyber-security avoiding platforms, anyway. Remember the Internet is just “a series of tubes” to most U.S. Congress-critters, the ones charged with making laws.


Pigs fly, the sun rises at midnight, Trump’s a decent human being, and…

Fedora considering Plasma as its default Workstation. Not April Fools.


On a system that might be compromised; is locking up frequently even after basic tasks like reinstalling all packages; noticed clipboard freezing up also which could be scraping taking place when opened or just using it to slow down operations.

Would be helpful to have settings that allowed for manipulating how clipboard behaves.

Such as a last 3 things default or a time limit or removing certain items too.

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On some Apple devices Bluetooth is turned on once each day with no way to turn it off.

Keychron work great in Garuda & has built in keys for multiple devices or can be used through the usbc charging port. ~

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Please don’t use the Garuda forum as if its a chat room its not keep your personal dribble to yourself, thank you.

Didn’t know that as I always have Bluetooth turned on for my watch and earbuds lol

I remember hearing about these keyboards a while ago. Heard good things. Need a new keyboard preferably for work instead of the standard one provided

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I have a K8 and it works flawlessly with Garuda (Linux in general). Also works for my work PC flawlessly as well. Comes with additional key caps in case you use it with macOS instead of Windows or Linux


While some of you could point fingers at the open-source project, but that is how vulnerabilities are discovered. Sometimes, you notice it way before it does any damage, sometimes a bit later, or a little too late.

That’s how the security scene goes. The cyberattacks evolve, and developers/security researchers adapt after learning something new.

There’s no one to blame here, if you ask me.

However, we do have to thank the open-source nature of the code, and the developer who spotted it.

So, the open-source nature of Linux is what makes it secure, it actually allows peers to review the code, giving more eyes, and making it tougher for attackers to easily do something.

Jpegli aims to be a far more efficient and faster JPEG coding library than traditional JPEG handling. Jpegli’s encode and decode complies with the original JPEG standard, compressed images should be clearer and with fewer artifacts, performance is very fast with the likes of libjpeg-turbo and MozJPEG, and there is support for encoding with 10+ bits per component.


Future start now :slight_smile:
Unless M$ buys in like in Bavaria, Munich.
" Why should local governments use taxpayers’ money to buy proprietary, closed software from a single vendor?"



Good statement from

nixCraft :penguin:

Microsoft is the same business that is investing 100 billion dollars in openai for generative AI to build the giant AI supercomputer and steal every content created ever without paying anyone anything. They refuse to buy support contracts for open source projects where they used project work exclusively to build the MS Teams product. They are abusing the system. This shaming is necessary.


That sometimes feels like :face_vomiting:
I can’t even say anything …


All I can think of is this: I am not a supplier | Musings about software
Specifically this part:
“Now, I am more than happy to become a supplier. You want me to work a certain way, I am more than happy to do it. But to do that, I am going to have to become a supplier. Which means you are going to have to start to pay me. A fair price, that we can negotiate. Under a different license.”