Linux Distros and the Boot Menu

Can anyone tell me why some Distros - put their NAME in the Boot Menu (F11) and some just leave the DRIVE NAME alone. There are so many "Ubuntu" derivatives.... and if I have multiple Ubuntu verzions on my system... "Ubuntu" .... doesn't help much

It usually because the distro name is set inside the package and many derivative distros inherit the package from upstream, in this case, Ubuntu.

Of course, I have no idea what this has to do with Garuda. :wink:


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That's not really a Garuda specific issue, so I can't speak to it. What Ubuntu derivatives do is really not our concern.

Perhaps someone else may want to speak to your concerns that is more familiar with Ubuntu. I haven't installed a version of Ubuntu in 20 years, so I'm hardly familiar with it anymore.

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What's "Ubuntu" mean? Oh yeah, I heard it means "for those who can't install Debian."



LOL Hahaha

I ran Ubuntu at one time. A multinode Debian-system SecOp, not knowing that fact, told me the joke. :sob:

I admit to nothing. Nothing!


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