Linus and Luke from Linus Tech Tips are switching to Linux as a challenge!

Ah, they posted part1 of the challenge.

but to be very honest, I am not a fan of it, and some conversation brought this to my notice. He (my friend) told me that Linus mentioned Garuda Linux a couple of times, though he went with POP! OS

BTW, every time I see a mention of Linus Tech Tips, this video come to my mind.


I saw this video earlier today and I can finally see why he wanted to drop Pop OS after that whole Steam issue. Although it was his fault for breaking his system after THAT kind of system warning, having Steam in that kind of shape in the repo where it could be that nasty is a problem as well.


System76 at least patched the issue System76 patches APT for Pop!_OS to prevent users breaking their systems | GamingOnLinux



I mean how much importance is given to a youtuber! Just because he have 14.1 million subscribers? Imo, it is insane!


And here I thought System76 had there hands too full trying to do what Gnome couldn't for them with a DE, lol. I guess where peoples' eyes are on them because Anthony from LTT months ago recommended Pop!OS, they really felt the heat to patch this.

Because no human being is able to solve the simplest things in life without the help of a YT video.
No one reads the man pages anymore.
Reading and writing is rather frowned upon where you can photograph and post everything.


And to add to the steaming heap of video help desks, they are taking their linux ques in this case from what would be considered a linux newbie. That is a fat pill to swallow.

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Hey, Youtube isn't so bad, Distrotube, Chris Titus and Techhut have taught me a fair bit about Linux. But yeh i wouldn't go taking advice from a random obscure backwater youtube and start inputting their commands.

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The frustrating thing with the apt-get issue for me being, (having read a lot of comments) that "Yes, do as I say!" isn't as striking because the viewer doesn't know the usual prompt is Y/n, so they don't know that would force the user to NOTICE the "These are ESSENTIAL packages". So many of the comments say the warning wasn't stark enough or clear enough.

It's a typical LTT video of the past few years, worthy subject matter, covered lazily and/or focused on min/maxing time/income.

A lot of commenters believed it was terrible that he was even able to remove essential packages, as freedom is so alien to so many people these days apparently. :frowning:


Yeah, youtube isn't that bad, but there are 3 really big issues with it

  1. Many of times it is harshly misleading. Video makers many a times just put wrong facts due to shallow knowledge, but I understand that it is not youtube specific issue. Literally all of social media is filled with such crap.

  2. Some people are way too greedy. Like in the video above itself. I found some time to watch it, and then I was greeted with an advertisement from some random company. Than Linus promoting "Glasswire" app. Really? Glasswire isn't even available for Linux users, so what's the point of promoting it in a video that is supposed to be devoted to Linux.

  3. Fanbois. I guess I don't have to say anything to explain it.

But some youtube video makers are way too good, though rare. I won't like to promote anyone here though.


The issue is not that he is a youtuber.... is that people follow other people like they were the messiah!
Whatever the person they are following, they do! Be it a youtuber, or writer, or whatever!

The internet replaced people's brains ! ( To my sadness... I though the internet was the best thing in the world, .... an infinite library, for everyone. )

Its a crazy world ... Lets hope the kardashians don't try linux!


It can all be summarized to three words: It's a business!

whatever makes clicks and adds, gets done!

Anyway ... I don't actually blame youtubers and etc... I mean, them apple's aren't cheap ! ( except those from the trees )

Its the cults of the fanboys that is the problem :slight_smile:


It could have been, but then big corporations stepped in and ruined it, as usual.

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I guess I have to mentally prepare to when they ruin Linux.

I tell you... one day they will create a system where its them that control the packages installed and its ReadOnly and you can't customize it! If you really want to, you would have to create vm's or containers, but nobody will do it because there isn't a "next->next->next" GUI ! And if you want to do a "winamp" and "whipping the theming's ass", they will just tell you to f*** off!
And people will call it "The Future!"

One.... Day....


:astonished: :joy: NOooooo!!!

That is the day we all go underground to the decentralized web, which is probably where it is heading anyway.


Your words sound truly messianic. Where do you live? Can I literally follow you everywhere through life. All hail the messiah!!!

But seriously people,get a life. :crazy_face: :gun:


Naah, I don't think that will ever going to happen, thanks to various governments across the world.

Europe and US, for example, ensure that there are anti monopoly laws. There are countless incidents of them charging big brands with very large amounts of money, so that they are kept under control.

Indian government has also taken steps by awarding open source initiatives, like under FOSS4GOV scheme ( it is restricted to Indian citizens, btw )

Also, young minds in universities will never let open source down.

Nowadays, even major companies are contributing towards FOSS. I obviously believe that their efforts are not sufficient, yet they are making a move, that is nice enough.

Were those laws just created on 2021 ?

They must have been,.... or they seemed to have failed in the past :slight_smile:
And no.... a company abuses the law left and right, and then pays a "fine" that is huge for every joe doe but less than a day's profit, its not proof that the law is working!

Anyway, we are offtopic into dangerous turf. I am out :slight_smile: [] @Naman

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And this


I want you to know, although we are with different opinions, When you get massively disappointed with the results, I am here for you [] friendly shoulder [] :slight_smile:

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