Limiting Charging

I want to limit the charging threshold on my Asus Tuf A15 laptop. I searched on google and found some thing called TLP

If the admins can check whether it will work with my laptop, or suggest an alternative way to limit charging on my laptop

We dont support TLP, in fact you cant even install that. It is known to cause filesystem corruption on BTRFS so thats just to protect your data. :thinking:


Search in AUR for a utility for Asus.
I am using a similar utility for Thinkpad.


So any other way? any common method

unfortunately, there's no such for TUF series. There is one for ROG laptop but it also didn't work (as stated in one of the forum thread)

How can people who don't have your laptop check whether software will work with your laptop?

TLP only alters settings which are already available. Find out what settings it changes for charging thresholds and try that.


I may have quoted wrong way, i must have said will it work in garuda


As @jonathon already stated tlp doesn't perform any magic, it simply applies settings that are already configurable in Linux.

As @petsam stated, searching the AUR for an Asus specific power utility might turn up something.

There is also a general power configuration utility similar to tlp that you could test out:

I personally feel you are better setting your power management values yourself (not leaving the defaults up to a PM utility). I say this because tlp caused no end of problems on the last forum I provided support on (that installed tlp by default). TlP is great when it works, but I got to the point that I was having to suggest disabling or uninstalling tlp constantly to be sure it wasn't causing problems (and it often was).

If you have no luck with the above methods, then I would suggest you perform an in depth internet search using a search term similar to:

"Limit laptop charge threshold Linux"

Or, instead specifying "Arch Linux" in your search terms often yields better results than simply using "Linux". I say this because using "Linux" instead of "Arch Linux" will often yield many results that are from Debian based distros such as Ubuntu. While following advice from an Ubuntu forum post may apply to an Arch based distro at times, it often is not applicable to Arch Linux (and derivatives).

It is also sometimes beneficial to search the forums of other Ach Linux based distros directly. The alternate Arch based forums worth investigating are Manjaro and EndeavourOS.

Let us know how you make out.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum.