LightDM fails to start after latest update

As the title states. I know I can roll back to an earlier snapshot, but I'd like to fix it "the hard way" - cuz that's how you learn :sunglasses:

Must be happening due to the latest (Nvidia) drivers being installed.
I've launched into tty, run inxi -G to check the driver version in use and pacman -Qs nvidia to check the driver packages installed - the numbers do not match. inxi says 455.23.04 is installed and also note: display driver n/a FAILED: nvidia, and pacman -Qs says mhwd-nvidia 455.23.04-1 and nvidia-dkms 455.28-1.

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Wait until a kernel update

Then upgrade again


Will do :v:

How many days do you think it will take?

One or two days

Ok, thanks. I need the PC for schoolwork, so I have to roll back to an earlier snapshot, then. Which of the two should I use: .fallback or .img?

Whichever works :wink:


I used fallback :slight_smile: What's the difference between the two, if you don't mind me asking? Also, thanks - I've marked it as solved.

The "normal" initramfs contains only the stuff that you configured to be there (/etc/mkinitcpio.conf) and the "fallback" contains the default selection of drivers (eg all filesystem drivers, etc..).


Thanks, tardy. Does that mean that it is preferable to use .img?

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Just use the non-fallback initramfs as fallback might miss important bits :slight_smile: