Librewolf .pacnew, one specific and one general query

Asking in the community section since this isn't strictly a support request.

I'm using sudo -H DIFFPROG=kompare pacdiff to work through the .pacnew files I have neglected. over the last couple months. I'm fairly new to Arch based distros so still learning the best practices. I've got everything merged except for one .conf file, librewolf.cfg

This file put it lightly...daunting. Its like 3000 lines, and nearly 1000 lines have changed between the .cfg and the .pacnew.

1a- My general question to the Arch elders is, what is the best practice for merging conf files that are so staggeringly different?

1b- And in general how does one make informed decisions when merging .pacnew files, meld or kompare shows you differences, but its not always clear which differences are by design (ie something Garuda did, the system did, or I did, and what differences relate to the updated conf file (.pacnew).

2- My specific question, I've searched the Arch Forum, Garuda Forum, Librewolf Gitlab, and Google, and couldn't find specific guidance on this librewolf and .pacnew other than one mention in an AUR comment. My question, if I haven't made manual changes to the .cfg file (or I do not mind losing them), is there any issue just overwriting the .cfg with the .pacnew? Is there a better approach?

If it's that complicated, I would make a backup of the previous ones and take over the new ones completely.
If nothing works afterwards, take the backup :slight_smile:


No issue, this is fine.


Thank you, I will do this.

Also thank you both for the guidance you gave in the big Pacman 6 thread and elsewhere. @jonathon the little script you wrote was helpful for me, @SGS I learned about the pacdiff command from your comment in that thread.


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