Launching applications, opening videos and .desktop files


In fish, the open command is amazing, and I use it for everything, but when using it for anything it takes up the terminal I was using, and canceling or closing it will to the same with what I opened.

The same goes for just launching anything from the terminal by its name, bash or fish.

When editing .desktop files I see that their commands tend to end in an %U or something with % or even @. I see that & disown does the trick, more or less, but it would be cool knowing any "cleaner" ways.

I couldnt find anything online to help me understand.

How do you open and run your applications or files if not using the magical open or pre-made .desktop files?

Meta/Super + d :smiley:

If you start via terminal and close the terminal the app must close too.
To close the app in terminal press Ctrl + c

XY Problem???

If you like other ways feel free to invent them.

For me, this is so normal that I never gave it a thought.


"xy problem" xd

Well, when you launch stuff from their icon, no terminal is being taken up. Just , is there no way to do this from a terminal

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