Launch app using discreet Nvidia GPU instead of Intel on KDE?

I don't know, and I don't really care enough. You can just edit your desktop entries to include prime-run instead.

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I appreciate the help, though it is a little strange there's no option like that caked in. It seems like an obvious thing. Is there no way to add a menu option for handling this to things in KDE or Latte?

sorry for making trouble instead of helping. Didn´t know your GPU was not supported.
Even thought TNE don´t like it optimus manager can make you run apps with the dedicated GPU. But not sure if it is the best course of action for you now...

Optimus manager will run

  1. Everything on Integrated
  2. Everything on Nvidia
  3. Hybrid mode

The prime config is hybrid mode. The other 2 modes are useless because hybrid mode exists. They only cause confusion when Nvidia mode inevitably doesn't work and bricks your system. So, why bother with Optimus manager?


Make a feature request to KDE's developers? :wink:


Do you not know how to edit your desktop files?

Desktop files are the equivalent of window's start up shortcuts, (more or less). You can simply edit how the game (or whatever you want) opens with prime-run with your Nvidia card in its desktop start up file.

A little bit of work, (but not that much), and it does what you want for you if you are averse to using the terminal.


Launch app on discrete GPU (dGPU)? I have some words to say.

  1. You don't need optimus manager
  2. You don't need nvidia-prime package and command prime-run

You only need installed NVIDIA drivers and following command:


If you want to run any package on NVIDIA GPU:

If you want to run anything in the Steam on NVIDIA GPU:

It works on X11 and Wayland very well.

That's all :blush:


BTW, where you put these commands :smiley: ?

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So, this is actually prime-run in the end, isn't it?