Latte-dock shortcuts using 'azerty' layout

I'm using Garuda's distro and the latte-dock on the KDE plasma desktop, I'm french which means I'm using "azerty" keyboard layout.
When I use the GUI to change my shortcuts in

shortcuts > Latte Dock > New instance for Entry 1

I press "Meta+é". "é" is the special character of the "2" key (above "a" and "z")

I don't know why but the system auto correct it by entering "É" instead (maybe for design purposes ?). Therefore the shortcut becomes "Meta+É" instead of the "Meta+é" I just entered.
The problem is that the "É" key doesn't exists ! Thus the shortcut is not working.

I thought : "ok it's not a problem, I'm gonna edit the config file".
Thus I went and edited


Saved the file.
I check the GUI : nothing changed. I try the shortcut : not working

Apparently for the changes to be taken into account you have to restart kglobalaccel (see the last comment here :

So in a terminal I typed

kquitapp5 kglobalaccel && sleep 2s && kglobalaccel5&

Which automatically updates my kglobalshortcutrc file and put back the É instead of the é character !

I'm new to linux and I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue for 3 days already, can someone help me ?

I can't help there, if you don't know the arch wiki yet or have tried


Not that it is a momentary bug of KDE?

Also most needed is

inxi -Fxxxza
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