Latte Dock Bug

This CyberPunk Latte Latte layout when selected gets stuck and doesn't get removed.. and makes it unable to switch to any other layout.

I think it's a serious bug because I was totally unable to restore original settings even after using Timeshift .

That's why, finally I got to uninstall Garuda linux .

Pls help remove this bug.

Timeshift doesn’t restore (doesn’t even backup) your user settings by default, unless you manually select to include @home in Timeshift’s settings.

To restore original settings of Garuda (to make it look like as fresh installed Garuda) you have an option in Garuda Assistant to restore default configs.


Oh, if you’ve already uninstalled, no point of answering.


You could have just run in your command prompt, latte-dock --default-layout


Your Latte layout isn't working so you reinstalled Garuda.

That's a dyed in the wool Windows mentality you've got to lose. You can't learn Linux doing that everytime your wallpaper gets stuck.

It's like swatting a fly with a slegehamer.

Not that I'm averse to sledgehammer or anything. It's actually one of my favorite tools, but there's a time and a place for everything.


Yeah, sticking in the USB drive and reinstalling doesn't teach anything or help you going forward. However, from other avenues, it seems that a whole lot of people don't want to learn things, they would prefer to be perpetually spoon-fed. I say this, because I don't understand it, it's a totally foreign idea to me.
(as an example, and yes I know I'm meandering)
I learned last week, (when I was looking about making my own mustard condiment), that the innate spiceness of the condiment is controlled by the temperature at which you grind the mustard seeds. Strangely, it's a heat sensitive enzyme, and the colder the water is that you grind the seeds with, the spicier the result. One source said that if you used ice water, probably you would be unable to eat the result. How did I eat mustard for fifty years and not know this?


We add another example to the famous examples :rofl:



Nice choice. It’s clear that Garuda is not for you.


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