Latte baked menu ++


I can't install kde media iso as it won't work on my system.

The dragonised kde works but not sure I want the maximise on left of windows. would need a theme change + a bit more bloated than barebones.

If I install barebones to have a snappier setup, is there a script/howto to make the latte menu baked in like it is with the other kde iso's? This is the main thing I like about the kde setup.

Would above also work if I did it in xfce?

Also, is timeshift already configured with the btrfs, subvolumes and pacman hooks in barebones?


  1. More or less. There's a config for latte @ the Garuda GitLab you could toss in. By the way, it'a very easy to move open/close buttons. It's a menu item.

  2. Xfce uses GTK, so themes, etc. are different than with Plasma, which uses Qt.

  3. Timeshift, etc. is on all the versions.

All of these questions are already answered in the forum or on the ISO descriptions.

What do you find with Dragonized that you consider "bloat?"


Dragonised just seems less snappier than the xfce version when I install it.

Thought barebones kde would have less tasks/threads running. What startup services/apps have they removed other than latte and themes?

Do you have a link to the latte config?


Maybe you over read it?

Garuda Linux Barebones

Garuda Linux Barebones is made for users who do not want extra software and functionalities and complain about bloat. It contains only the bare minimum of packages needed to get started. (You are on your own, we dont provide any support for Barebones editions!)

and that too.

Aside the fact Xfce is a light environment by design, Dragonized KDE can be made to have the same "snappy" feel. It's all in the settings.

Why don't you boot the various versions and run htop to see for yourself?

You want eggs with your beer, as well? Garuda Linux · GitLab

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