Latest Gnome Lite Installation

Downloaded the latest Gnome Lite and installed with no issues.
Works perfect out of the box and seems to run faster than xfce if at all possible.
Great job folks! :shushing_face:


@zen89, welcome to the forums. :wave:

Generally, like most things in life people don't go out of their way to create posts about something that just works the way it should. Unfortunately, you mostly will find posts that leave a negative impression when you read any Linux forum. That is because you are more likely to see help requests about whatever DE you are interested in. That is just the nature of the beast as this is a forum dedicated to providing technical assistance after all.

You usually don't hear from the 100 users that things "just work". You inevitably hear from the 1 out of 100 users that have a problem.

It's also an inevitability that these users that have issues also tend to be very strident about the fact they had problems. Some even go so far as to mask their IP address so they can post multiple negative reviews about a distro on Distrowatch.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is you can get a distorted perception from what you read somemetimes as you rarely hear from the majority of satisfied users, but generally hear from the minority that encounter problems with their hardware.

That's just the way people are these days. You naturally hear far more from those complaining about a fault with a totally free OS than you hear from those who are satisfied. Sadly it's the trolls who love to love to shout it from the rooftops
that tend to get the most attention these days.