Language update package bugged my Latte Dock

New user here!

Hello guys!

I recently did a dualboot with Garuda Linux KDE, and so far everything was fine.

However, when finalizing all necessary updates, the system requested a so-called 'language pack update', in which I BUGGED my Latte Dock, and it ended up in English.

So now I have my system half in English and half in Portuguese Brazil

Is there any way to return the same to pt_BR without re-installing the system? :sob:

Screenshots: Screen Shots — ImgBB

I just ran the following commands:

pacman -Syu
pacman -Scc

And the system is in Portuguese now, however, it is now half pt_BR (Brazil) and half pt_PT (Portugal) ... HAHAHAH oh my god!

First of all welcome :grin:
I had somehow only bad experiences when playing around with locales and plasma localisation settings in the past :thinking: Best was to just set it when installing and leave it afterwards :sweat_smile:
That being said, there is probably a missconfiguration happening somewhere.
What does locale return?


Rule Nr.1 = Reboot.


Hahaha, sure!! Thanks my man, i'm a new linux user

@dr460nf1r3 locale printscreen: Screenshot-9 — ImgBB

@dr460nf1r3 Some texts are in portuguese from portugal, even in the 'locale' being all in pt_BR.

For example, in the latte dock, it appears 'Aplicações' (Applications) and in pt_BR it would be 'Aplicativos'.

When starting the system and connecting to wi-fi, a notification appears saying that the network was 'Activada' and in pt_BR it would be 'Ativada'.

Things like that are not affecting my usability, but a 100% language pack in pt_br would be interesting. Hahaha

Anyway, thank you for your attention! Don't worry about it, as I said, it's not affecting anything and I'm loving the system!

Thank you so much guys!

This has nothing to do with proper locale settings, but about translation.
Until now you posted nothing that suggests your locale settings are misconfigured.
Only opinions, which is technically zero value.
Iif you think translation is wrong, or not proper, post at the specific package translation issues, or/and contribute in translation.

Read garuda wiki, how to post.
No images for text.

@sgs when do we start auto-close auto-ban Discource feature for these cases? I thought it was today...


I am in full agreement with this assessment.

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