Lag when using GPU connected monitor

I pulled the trigger this morning and made the swap from windows to Garuda, I know I have a ton of learning to do still so please be patient with me.

So I understand that Garuda should be very easy for GPU installs. Hell it has an auto install button. My issue is when I use this, I loose all the monitors connected to my GPU and am forced to use the internal graphics display. Most help I have found is the Optimus Program, but that seems to be designed for laptops, not desktops, so not sure if I should be messing with that.

I have done the pacman -S nvidia, and had no change.

The monitors connected to the GPU lag so badly that computer is unusable. And like I said earlier, using the auto config option I loose the GPU completely.

I am at such a loss, I hear great things but I can't even get to testing wine until I get past this.
currently when using the nvidia-smi command I get error that it cannot communicate with nvidia driver.

Please read

maybe this


and post

inxi -Fxxxza

as text!

And of course


Let me guess @Bumblebia, you're a little more used to bumblebee managing your video drivers. :smile_cat:

We'll need your specs to offer any advice as @SGS has already stated. Please update your post to include this information.

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