Kvantum crashing Latte

Today`s update of Kvantum breaks Latte dock..when i try to open config for Event calendar or Display config in settings, Latte keeps crashing..i tried on 3 different computers, cos i like to have my Garuda KDE Dragonized updated..i even try to reinstall from scratch again on one of my systems, but the problem is still there..anyone with a similar problem?

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Sadly, Latte Dock will not be working very soon in about 4 days or so when the new KDE version drops. Latte Dock hasn't updated to work with it.
There should be migration soon to a new configuration. Also, a new Latte-free version of Garuda should be coming real soon as well.


Thanks for the update about that..it`s wierd problem tho, only 2 apps that updated today were discount-2.2.7.c-1 and kvantum-1.0.8-1..after that, half of settings menu items and latte dock keeps crashing...

I can only take a wild guess that kvantum is gearing up for the upcoming KDE version change, and that somehow broke latte. Either way, Latte Dock won't work in a few days.


It's a odd bug in deed since Kvantum doesn't even touch Latte. That said If you're sure it's Kvantum that messed up Latte then more likely Kvantum broke something it shares with Latte. I did a fresh Arch install yesterday and had something cause programs on my default Plasma docks not to launch and was forced to install Latte to replace them and I have the latest Kvantum installed using the Dexy theme in it and I'm not seeing any issue with Latte or Kvantum.

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