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im very newish to linux and im trying to get away from windows. ive been trying to get this keyboarding master app to work on any linux distro with no luck. it interfaces with razer peripherals such as a tarturus key pad. ive tried the open razer driver and all the different gui's that go along with it and they only support the lights to which i dont care about i am only concerned about its functionality. has anyone gotten this to work or can dumb down how to install it correctly for me.

Sorry, but this forum is for Garuda Linux and it's community, not for peripherals.

Perhaps an enquiry to Razer support or search any Razer forums?



i was just trying to get the software to work on Garuda is all. the actual device works fine and as its intended as far as linux thinks (a key pad) the app is to reconfigure the keys. ive googled it to death including the razer forums trying to find out how to get the device to interface with something other than pos windows.

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Many such things only give full functionality under POS - always check hardware first.

I realise most OS switchers can't or don't, but a (hard) lesson learned, I think. Been there, myself :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit - Razer peripherals - ArchWiki

Always try the mighty Archwiki, btw.


i will try that for sure. i have not gone full Garuda as of yet im getting some of the bugs worked out on my laptop first before putting it on my desktop which is probably going to have more issues since it uses a nividia graphics card and this day in age you cant just go buy a amd one. purpose and direction are always appretiated.

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Understood. Bests with your quest, friend! :slightly_smiling_face:

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