Keyboard only switches layout in a browser

Hello, i'm new to linux, so i don't even know how to get the terminal output that is required here, sorry

So, yesterday i installed my very first distro - Garuda with KDE Plasma (dragonized gamer edition). I found the way to add a new keyboard layout and everything worked perfectly fine. Today i rebooted the system and apparently some settings were messed up.

My keyboard only uses the layout that is on top in the layout configuration in every application except browsers. I can easily switch my layouts in every browser but i can't do it in any other application. Including the system ones, even in the terminal.

screenshot - Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I already tried: rebooting, readding layouts, clicking on different "switching policy" bubbles, but nothing worked.

Read and search about "local"

cat /etc/locale.conf
locale -a
localectl list-locales

and post terminal in- and output from

inxi -Fza


Sorry, teaching someone how to use, customise, and script Linux from first principles is a little outside the scope of a web forum.


First of all, turn on osd. This will notify you about change in layout.
Then try alt+shift as well as num+1 to see if it switches layout.

(You may have to minimize some applications or simply focus on desktop before switching layout)


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