Keyboard layout lost

i use language Bangla as a second keyboard language. When i installed garuda first time i changed it's layout in my own way by spending hours editing the layout file. i forgot where that file exist now.
yesterday i updated my system and the layout is reset.
like if i pressed "n" it would take input as "ভ"
but not it is taking input as "আ"

Are you using KDE, or what?

Don't forget to postgaruda-inxi when you have a chance.


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What layout file are you referring to? Typically to get a new keyboard layout you install the language and select it. I don't think I have seen this custom method you set up.


Did you make the keyboard layout in a GUI?

I do see this entry in Arch Wiki, it looks like a config file setup though: Linux console/Keyboard configuration - ArchWiki


No i figured out which code number refers to which letter, note them in a notepad, and then re-arranged in my own way.
if i get a gui editor tool like in window, that would save my hours.

Wow, I see what you mean--I just looked at my usr/share/x11/xkb/symbols/bd and it looks like it must be a nightmare to configure.

It does appear possible to set up your xkb as a local file, for example $HOME/.keymap.xkb. The benefit of this would be the file would not be overwritten if an update impacted the system file (the one in /usr/share/x11/xkb/symbols). Here's how to set that up: X keyboard extension - ArchWiki

It might also be worth backing up the file somewhere else. It is such a tiny file you could even just email it to yourself or something, just to keep a copy tucked away for safekeeping since you worked so hard on it.

As for why it did not load at first on your session, it does mention in this wiki article that it can cause X11 to hang sometimes. Maybe X11 was finishing up some other process related to your session starting and it just hadn't finished loading everything yet (that is just speculation, I do not know the true answer).

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Thanks for understanding my pain. That wiki tutorial is too hard for me to work with cz i don't know abcd of programming.
So I used AUR (en) - keyboardlayouteditor-git for generating a symbol C file. saved in local directory. then backup the main bd symbol file, deleted it, copy pasted the generated file and renamed it to bd. I am willing to copy paste it after every update that ruins my layout.

Read about pacman hooks on the Archwiki. :wink:


i have no clue which hook i need.

is in contrast with the suggestion


You need to create a new one of your own.
Hint (although learning-by-example often is not a good long-term approach):
You could look at what you have in /usr/share/libalpm/hooks/, e.g. firedragon-post.hook might be a starting point (where the package is xkeyboard-config I guess).


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