Keyboard configuration issues

2 Days ago I installed Garuda linux with wayfare, the thing is that I installed it with spanish latam configuration; but whenever I turn on my computer or press my mouse buttons (the buttons on the gaming mouses), or even randomly; it switch to UK (United Kindom) configuration. I tried going to Garuda configuration manager, and changing it again, but happened the same than before (I can't upload images).

I tried in the terminal with
loadkeys es

Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console.

I tried too changing /etc/vconsole.conf (with nano) with:
sudo nano /etc/vconsole.conf


This is all I tried, what you guys think it could be? Please help

PD: sorry for my english I'm still learning.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I tried with a similar problem on this forum too, it doesn't worked for me

I don't know much about wayfire, but just found this one which seemed interesting.
If you want to give a look at it...

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Hello! thank you for it, but I already tried it, I uploaded my question, thank you anyways

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