Kernel Potpurri

Hey guys !
I am using Garuda--Linux now for a while. I am some Distro-hopper and have experience with Distros Mint, Manjaro, Fedora and Debian.
I installed Garuda in a virtual mashine and fast i found out that i have to install it on my real hardware as my daily driver.
First of all i find this great that there is such large amount of Kernels to choose.
What i miss a bit is a discription of the Kernel. I mean something are selfexplaining as sample "linux-tkg-muqss-barcelona " clearly barcelona is some AMD-CPU and this Kernel is optimized for Barcelona architekture.
Can someone recomand me a Kernel optimized for my AMD Ryzen 5 3400G (Zen+ architekture) and my other device is runing a Ryzen 4650 G (Zen2-architekture).
It would be some bonus when there was a dircription to all Kernels to choose special what is "tgk-pds " or " tkg-bmq" or tkg-muqss".
thank you in advance to this great team here !

Welcome, @Mr.Ryzen :wave:

Go into Add/Remove Software (pacmac) and you'll see, if you search under kernels, what you seek -

Search for zen 2 and guess what you find? :grin:

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yeah but what is "tgk-pds " or " tkg-bmq" or tkg-muqss" this is what i would love to know !!! And in pamac i have also no good discription what this is or what it does. This was a nice feature when it could be easy to find in some documentation or so because i googled it and i found also almost nothing.
But in general having so many special kernels is some great oportunity.

I do understand, but you're going to have to frequent the mighty Arch wiki, rather often. :slightly_smiling_face:

In general, the wiki and the AUR should provide enough for you, but it is down to you to track stuff down. You'll find quite a few packages from the GIT too, documention is usually on the authors git page/lab.

It is there, but you do have to know where to find stuff, is all. Give it time.

The following helped me a lot - How To Ask Questions The Smart Way