[Kernel] LED Trigger for block devices

I would just like to make you aware of a cool patchset:


You can also grab it from my kernel: Files · torvic-5.14-ledtrig · torvic9 / Linux Stable · GitLab

This is super useful for computers that do not have a dedicated hard drive activity LED:
I've just tested this by putting the activity LED to my CapsLock LED, and it works! And, dare I say, it's freakin' awesome :slight_smile:
(blinking intervals and duration can be configured)

And you can add any block device to any recognized LED on your computer.
If I were talented I would try to build a microcontroller having LEDs for every device including swap. Avis aux amateurs!


Really nice :star_struck:

Though I won't need it because my pc doesn't boot if my hard drive is not working :sweat_smile:
(Even though I have separate ssd for os files.)


I have been so annoyed with the absence of 'feedback'.
This is perfect for me :slight_smile:
(can be annoying itself though, don't exagerate :slight_smile:

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Btw, can it be modified so that it can be used for webcam or mic devices too?

Will be actually helpful, as for privacy purposes.

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Check our output of /sys/class/led to see which devices can configured.

EDIT: it is leds, plural!


It shows me LEDs not devices

ls /sys/class/leds
input3::capslock  input3::numlock  input3::scrolllock


Wait, did you mean




Three possibilities :slight_smile:

No seriously, I think it depends on the BIOS.
I have all my keyboard LEDs available (scrol/caps/num), and the gamepad. YMMV.


I would like to test numlock for hard drive and scrolllock for ssd. I never use these led anyway.
Let me see!
And thanks for your awesome work.


It is not my work.
But it is useful work.

Long may if continue! Maybe something to considered in the future of Garuda.
(simply folllow the thread above))


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