KDE Regression: Affecting Multiple KDE Software


Can you please confirm that kimageformats removed support for avif compression?

Regressed libraries affecting multiple software in KDE:

**libavif 0.11.1**
**kimageformats 5.99.0**

Regression Bug: kimageformats stopped supporting libaom/avif.

Result after update:

1. No avif thumbnails in Dolphin anymore
2. Gwenview can’t display avif files anymore
3. SDDM/ Login can’t display avif background anymore
4. Locking screen can’t display avif background anymore

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download/Import a big, high quality PNG (or pure RAW/ARW/NEF) file;
  2. Install libavif (if you haven’t already, kimageformats should be the default in KDE);
  3. Compress photo (for RAW files sometimes intermediary as PNG is required):

method 1:
$ avifenc -c aom -j all -s 0 -a aq-mode=2 -d 8 input.png output.avif
method 2:
$ avifenc -c aom -j all -s 0 -d 8 input.png output.avif

Can someone could confirm the bug? Do you reproduce it? Please try to use avif as locking screen background, SDDM login background and normal wallpaper. See if you can display avif in gwenview and if you are seeing thumbnails in Dolphin.

Can you please confirm that kimageformats removed support for avif compression?

I have .avif thumbnails in Dolphin, Gwenview displays avif just fine, so does lock screen. Software versions:

mr-victory% pacman -Q libavif kimageformats 
libavif 0.11.1-1
kimageformats 5.99.0-3

Also thank you for introducing me to avif, compression ratio is insane!! :exploding_head: I should look into converting my videos from H.265 to AV1 and my pictures to avif.

mr-victory% du -h Desktop/f36-01-day.avif Desktop/f36-01-day.png                                            
92K     Desktop/f36-01-day.avif
3.9M    Desktop/f36-01-day.png

Maybe check if reinstalling the mime type manually like here helps:
Please provide also your garuda-inxi when entering new topics, as requested by the template.

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