KDE Plasma 5 Corruption Issue?

Hello. I am experiencing some issues with KDE Plasma 5. After I rebooted my computer my plasma settings were corrupted. I believe this is because I rebooted my computer during a system crash.

As of now, my three window buttons are on the top right of the window and I have two new weird icons on the top left.

Does anyone know how to set the Garuda KDE Plasma settings to defualt? Maybe its a latte issue? Im not sure I am just confused lol.

Seems you didn't search in Forum.
Use garuda-assistant. Restore the settings.

We always mark here the solution and not the implementation.


I Looked at Garuda Assistant but saw nothing for anything KDE related.

I reset Latte but that did not fix the issue. I am very confused.

I did end up resetting all in Garuda Assistant. It seems a bit clunky as now all my configs that were not corrupted were nuked but it did work.

Take snapshots often, that's another security measure that is very powerful.

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