KDE Midnight Chime

Hi all, this is a rather weird question that's been keeping me up..

Once a install ago, my KDE on Garuda Talon had this "Midnight chime", where it would play a noise every time it became midnight, However my previous install had ran out of storage and I just ended up re-installing everything regardless.
I would like to know if it's possible to re-replicate that again, as it may of been me just accidentally ticking something/setting my notification noises. It's been part of why i'm not going to bed at a decent time as well, and if not what can I do to make something like it?

I believe you are looking for an alarm

╰─λ pacman -Ss kalarm
extra/kalarm 23.04.2-1 (kde-applications kde-pim)
Personal alarm scheduler
chaotic-aur/kalarm-git 23_r8262.g5267c070-1
Personal alarm scheduler

Yes it was something like this, Just done in KDE's settings though? I can't remember either way but this works. If anyone however has any other suggestions/solutions please let me know!

An exorcism?

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What did it sound like? Play through all the KDE system sound options and see if you can find it.

Is it possible it was not an alarm, but rather a notification of some kind? If you have cron jobs or systemd timers where a day/date is specified but not a time, they default to kicking off at midnight.


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