KDE lite edition


In the last couple of years I've been using mostly manjaro/KDE which worked really well, but I was always curious about other distros (tried EndeavourOS, arcolinux, RebornOS etc). Are there any significant benefits to using garuda KDE lite edition compared to other arch-based/kde distros?


Sorry for my bad english, I am a newbie in terms of linux knowledge (I use the system as it is) but not in terms of years of usage because I use it since 1999 (Debian, Mandrake-Mandriva, RedHat, Fedora, Opensuse, Xubuntu and so on ...) and with my new notebook I have tried varius Arch distro with KDE because I discover that I love arch and KDE so I try the original Arch and varius derivate as Arcolinux, endeavours ... and when I discover Garuda KDE Lite I'm in love with this distro. Is similar to XeroLinux that is a arch + tricks and easy tools to install basic programs. I don't like strange GUI (for example I use android stock on my smartphone because I don't like OEM roms) so I prefer use KDE Lite instead of nornal Garuda edition Dragonized. The only downside is that for KDE Lite you don't have any help by the forum but if you have enough knowledge is not a matter. Try it and I'm sure you will love KDE Lite


Yeah, just boot the live ISO and try out. :slight_smile:


Yeah, the Garuda software suite, automation, and basically everything else about Garuda that isn't about the theme.


The answer depends upon what you view as being significant. Kick the tires; take it for a drive.


Yeah, the Garuda software suite, automation, and basically everything else about Garuda that isn't about the theme.

I read your comment as saying the primary, maybe only, substantial difference between the lite edition and full edition is the theming and aesthetics, is that accurate?

No, the comment was highlighting some major differences between a basic install of KDE lite and vanilla arch install with stock KDE.

The differences between KDE lite and the dr460nized spin are more extensive than theming. A lot of setup hasn't been done yet.

Much less software has been pre-installed out of the box, for example. Last time I set it up there wasn't even a web browser installed until I finished going through the setup assistant. Certain configs aren't set up by default either--.config/fish/config.fish is an empty file, for example, which affects a lot more than theming.

The fact that there is still a bit of setup work to do on the back of installing the lite version is the reason it is noted that it is an "unsupported" spin--because we really don't want threads in the forum saying "how come the thing I prefer to use isn't here", et cetera. Obviously issues related to the actual distro are supported in the same way that any other spin would be supported.


I agree with some of the other comments. Your needs are different than anyone else's so it is basically try and then buy. The only HUGE difference I would point out is Manjaro's KDE/distro. They hold back packages for testing, unlike most other distros you named. That is not a good thing imo, from experience, it can (and has for me) cause issues with dependencies, and other packages taking them out of sync in both Arch and AUR repos. It is good you plan to move on. :wink: