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I think my question would be, what's the purpose of this KDE community edition? What is it intending to offer over the existing KDE edition?

Each edition should offer something specific or unique, otherwise it's just duplication of effort and adding to the confusion about having differently-named but similar editions.

If it's for multimedia then something focussed specifically on AV production (or even something like Twitch or YouTube streaming) would add that "unique selling point" (USP) - e.g. realtime kernel, pared-back DE, scheduler tweaks, DAW, AV editing (KDEnlive etc.), screen recording software (OBS etc.) preinstalled, ...

If it's just a differently-themed KDE edition then is it worth the time, effort, server space, etc.?


One note, KDE already stands for the community as a word.

Some years ago it was decided the following:

KDE = the community of people that develops different products but they respect the same manners and use some common infrastructure etc. etc. So by definition KDE stands for the community, amd you are already part of it

Plasma = a specific product that is implemented by some kde people. So we can separate to,

Plasma Development team = people that develop Plasma parts but they are also kde members by definition.

Plasma Desktop = The desktop that is developed by Plasma Team

I think you got the point...


That clears it up!
So we have Garuda KDE Dr460nized and Garuda KDE Plasma :+1:

As I said, just call it KDE like the others (Cinnamon, Mate), then there is no danger of confusion with the previous version of Garuda LInux KDE Multimedia Version.

We will make an announcement when the time comes with all the extras that are included.


I think all changes are done can I request an iso build?

First wrote the announcement :slight_smile:

Oh I do not understand.

Now that our default browser changed there might be some changes needed in .profile & latte layout :eyes:


MR created.

Please pay more attention to what you are actually putting in there when creating a merge request. Firedragon-stable is 1) no more & 2) not the name of the binary anyway.
Also I'm quite sure the latte layout also needs an update :slight_smile:

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SO just firedragon.

Or maybe,

Garuda KDE
Garuda Plasma


I think the code/iso packeges are final.

Where is your report @RUanauR on what we can use as an announcement?
Without it nothing happens.



I do not not know what to write.

Is this ready? community/kde-multimedia ยท master ยท Garuda Linux / Tools / Iso-Profiles ยท GitLab
Any reason for still using pulseaudio?
Also, did you decide to go through with the kernel change?

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It is the maintainer's job to provide for these things.
What is included?
Are there differences to existing Garuda KDE's?

And so on and so forth.
The point was to take the pressure off the team.
Either you take care of it properly or we have to remove it from the list.


What about?
KDE is a more vanilla KDE experience that includes a sizable amount of multimedia apps to get you started.

How is it a vanilla experience if it includes Multimedia Apps. The whole point is that it is specialised to Multimedia


I meant Vanilla themed