KDE Discover "no back-ends found"

I am getting this error message. How to fix this.
I am a noob in linux so don't judge me. Thanks in advance!

$ pacman -Si discover
Repository      : extra
Name            : discover
Version         : 5.20.5-1
Optional Deps   : packagekit-qt5: to manage packages from Arch Linux repositories
                  flatpak: Flatpak packages support
                  fwupd: firmware update support

Therefore, install packagekit-qt5


So how to actually write a good bug report?

Please, post no pictures from terminal output, or a whole screenshot in which only a short sentence with the error message can be seen.

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  • Provide the name of the iso (full name!) used to install Garuda on your system
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I believe this is also a discouraged package management option anyway in most Arch based distros. Highly recommended you just use pacman.


I don’t remember any issue reported for Discover concerning package install/upgrade functionality.
Maybe it’s an old time experience :wink:
Discover is good, until it is not IMHO.


i didn't get it

You didn't get what?


link between the screenshot you attached and the package you asked me to install

Just install that package.
If you want to understand, look in Archwiki about Discover.


Did you read the text of the output I posted? One of the optional dependencies of discover is packagekit-qt5 which lets you “manage packages from Arch Linux repositories”.

Therefore, if you want to use discover to manage packages from Arch Linux repositories then you need make sure that packagekit-qt5 is installed.

I very rarely post a copy-paste answer because that enables “learned helplessness” (otherwise known as “expecting to be spoon-fed”).


Hey Englishman, we shouldn’t forget The Language Barrier :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

I had the same problem with Discover.

packagekit-qt5 1.0.2-1 installed - problem solved.

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NIce to read and


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