KDE Desktop Folder Settings, Wallpaper Slideshow missing thumbnails after Harpy Eagle update

Hey folks,

I recently noticed that my wallpaper slideshow stopped working after I updated to Harpy Eagle. So, I right-clicked on my desktop, clicked on "Configure Desktop and Wallpaper" and noticed that the slideshow toggle was not ticked. As soon as I activated slideshow, the thumbnail view disappeared (despite /usr/share/wallpapers) being selected in the left column.

Prior to the Harpy Eagle update, it would display all the recursive wallpapers, and allow me to select/deselect individual wallpapers to the slideshow queue. Any ideas how to get this back?

Notice here without slideshow:

And here's with slideshow:

The entire right-side of the window is just blank, and it used to show all the thumbnails of the wallpapers saved in that path.


So you're suggesting I need to add the subdirectory to the list?

The desktop is properly rotating through the slideshow of all the images that are nested in that path, it's just not displaying their thumbnails for manual (de)selection on the right side.

I didn't have to add /usr/share/wallpapers/garuda-wallpapers/ as a discrete entry prior to the update, for it to display all the wallpapers in the recursive folders.....

Ahh, sorry.
Did you check the KDE issue list :smiley: ?

Seems that the way it is, also add new Folder dos not show the wallpapers.


Just checked here and doesn't look like it was reported as a bug. Anyone else having this experience?

Edit: just submitted the bug to KDE. Let's see.....


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