KDE and Latte

I have not used KDE for 12 years, so a lot has happened with the KDE suite I used.

I am now testing in Virutuelbox.

What can Latte be used for and what can be added and where is the setting.

  1. VM is not recommended.
  2. KDE bug
  3. LMGTFY :slight_smile:

VM is not recommended.
I'm aware of that, but I want to test it before I install

I do not understand that abbreviation. What does it mean in normal language

Right click on the lattedock

it stands for let me google that for you https://lmgtfy.com

You gotta share it correctly though :wink:
Dont take this too serious :smiley:


Perhaps you should Google
"LMGTFY". :rofl:

Sorry, but I couldn't resist posting that remark @Snubbi.

I don't want it to appear as how we're picking on the new guy. I like you, and I enjoy your posts on the forum.

Garuda attempts to be very welcoming to newcomers, while at the same time we also try to instill an attitude of self sufficiency for those who've been around the forum for a while.

By that I mean, any newcomer needs a helping hand understanding how Linux works when they use it for the first time.

However, a helping hand is nice when first starting off, but we don't want to create an expectation that users will be carried by others through the entire journey. Generally, we try to help, but we also want to create an atmosphere where those new to Linux attempt to do some research before posting a help request on every question you may have.

It's a hard balancing act. We try to be very welcoming and helpful, while at the same time nudging new users to get used to the idea of performing a thorough search before posting a hundred questions.

Hopefully you understand that our long term goal is to forge Linux users that are a benifit to the Garuda community as a whole (not a drain).


Once again, you just put facts into words very nicely. I can just agree with you as I have the same opinion :raised_hands::blush:

BTW, i saw you were running Core i5-4300M which device do you use? @Snubbi :smiley: